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Oil Can effect with A+D material?


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I'm looking to add a little spice to my renderings. I do a lot of tall glass buildings. I can very easily get nice mirror-smooth reflections. I'm thinking that I would like to try to make the reflections "oil can". By this, I mean that via construction tolerances or the fact that glass is always in a liquid state, the panes warp. Over a field of glazing, you would actually get distortions.


I would like to do this per pane without actually having to manipulate EACH pane. Can anyone come up with an approach to this? Maybe per pane is not actually needed.



On the right side of this image is the effect I am attempting.

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On my ride home, I took a bit of time to really look at the effect in real life. A noise in the bump may work. Once I get further on the design I have just started, I will test it out and post about the results.


My initial thought was to add noise to the reflection, but that will only show a tonal difference in the the reflection, not distort it. I am guessing that a noise bump will work.


thanks for the thought.

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