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anyone use multiline tools?


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i'm just getting ready for another year of classes and i'm reading through the new textbook. every year when i get to the section on multilines, i wonder if anyone uses it effectively ?


in twenty years of using autocad in an architectural environment, i have never come across anyone who works with it.


can anyone give me their feedback and/or examples of how you use it. i know how the commands work, i just don't see it being very practical.


please enlighten me......



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thanks karl - i'm happy to hear opinions of the same as well.


i agree that multiline seems to be a very generic form of BIM, and now that revit and others are taking hold, there seems to be no real place for it.


you either want a 2D drafting tool (autocad) or an intelligent BIM solution.

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Hi, I have been using Autocad for some years, and the only times I have used that Multiline tool was revising rare comands from books (like donut, trace, etc). Its not a very good tool. If you are looking into having walls drawn with thicknes, hatches, and already closed, all in one, check ADT. mline doesnt add much.

I dont know if it has evolved sice I last tryed it. if anyone has a good use for it, please share,



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