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Vray exterior animation..


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I'm working now in an exterior animation, the building of the my last interior animation, from outside.


In fact, I'm working with nearly the same settings of interior, but I don't like the tests I did at all:( , if anyone knows specific tips to increase the quality of exterior animations, please tell me:rolleyes:

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What version of Vray are you using? In my experience outside scenes and inside scenes have a whole different approach in lighting and settings in general. You should try scraping your interior settings and start over with new ones.

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Ofcourse, interior&exterior settings have very big difference in settings, I know this very well in the area of stills, but in the area of animation, unfortunatelly, I haven't big experience, cause simply this's my first exterior animation, and my reference is the tutorial of http://www.spot3d.com, you can't find seperation in settings between exterior and interior, maybe cause the tutorial is about interior, just some few hints about exterior animation, but they ensures that that tutorial can be using also for exterior.


Anyhow, I'm using (Vray Advanced-1.50 R3) and max9.


I'm attaching my last settings with a test render, my problem is: I don't like at all the render quality, don't feel the 3d feel and the good depth, I've made a lot of tries, but didn't reach good results


Hope to help me on this, thanks..





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I think that the main problem is DirectLIght=MULTI 6.0

1.5-2.0 should just fine, but 6.0 is tooooo big

Also as you have a lot of grass, turn the stauration to lower something like 0.35-0.55 (even 0.15-.25 is enough good.)

This is vray camera or standard?

Env light is also too strong maybe for this scene, set it 0.8-1.0.

Turn ON>sub pixel mapping+clamp output (

Also try to use HSV exponential, it can help at the washed colorts of render (it "washes" less), maybe even linear would be fine, but HSC exponential would give you more control over the exposure.

You lost your details, as you can see, try with Irrmap>Medium/High but 40/20 or 50/30 not 20/20.

LC should not go over 1500, thats OK, also you can try with QMC for sec rays for exterior, or even with no sec rays at all for ext scene (sometimes they are not needed indeed)

Area filter is not good foe exterior, switch to CATMOL ROM

it will give you more sharper edges, also the env color +direct light color are the same, thats not good, too.

You can try with yellow/orange/5% pink for direct. and light blue/or darker blue for some scene as env color.

that should be all. please try to do something with this and post to see whats goin on further


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That's very good, and many thanks for your care.


In fact, after posting my thread, I adjusted some settings like env. lighting, and adaptive subdivision values, also direct light and its shadows value, the result is improving.;)


I'm trying now your other settings, and I feel that I'll reach good result, I'll post it when finish, thanks anyway.:D

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