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Ripple / Rain Effect?

Nic H

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Im doing a scene which needs animated puddles with rain and animated drops of water in puddles. Im fine with the rain but the animated texture of ripples im having trouble doing


I remember years ago there was a freeware rain and ripple generator from kerlin softworks that I cant find anymore. Does anyone know where I could get a similar product from?


I rekcon if I knew after effects well I could do it in there....but I dont! :(


Any pointers to commercial products / freeware / tutorials anywhere guys?



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hey Nic, I do have something for you that i'm working on, its a pfsource system that uses shapemark to create maps ontop of any given object that you assign. I have only gotten so far as to create the marks of the droplets. the problem now is to get it to render, and i think one must use it with the video post in max, not sure.


tell me if you want it and i'll upload it here, but then any developments made on it must be posted back here.


the beauty of it is that you can assign an animated texture to the map (raidail gradient or something) which will simulate the ripples.

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I couldn't get the rain.dlt to work in my max 9 32 bit. all other blur plugins work fine though? anyone else had this problem


I found some more good tuts/resources for rain as well:


A link to Kerlin Imageworks - Its the generator I was looking for : Ripple Rain



...and another more detailed P-Flow rain system with tut and max file



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