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max 2008 daylight system

Dave Buckley

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need some help regarding the daylight system in max 2008, i have an exterior setup for midday with the photographic exposure control


when changing the time on the daylight system (for example, to early morning or sunset) do you need to adjust the sky and sun multipliers to suit the time of day???


and also do you need to adjust the white balance for different times of the day????


i am using mrSUn and mrSky with a physical sky, so basically i want to know if i change the time on the daylight system to early morning, should i also be lowering the mulitplier of the sun as the sun is not as strong in the morning than midday, and also should i be changing the white balance on the exposure to suit the colour change in the sun at that time of day????


how do you guys go about this sort of thing??


also, at the midday setting my final gather bounces are set to 4, would i also need to lower the bounces as there isn't as muhc bounce from the sun during the early hours of the day???


at the minute, i am just using my midday settings and the only thing i am altering is the time of day??? this just seems wrong?


sorry just thought of another query, as well as changing the white balance, would i also need to adjust the exposure settings themselves to suit different times of the day


kind regards in advance, really need your help on this one guys :)

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Leave the sun and sky multipliers at 1 regardless of the time of day. They intensity and colour changes automatically depending on the alzmith (Spelling??) of the sun.


You can (and should) adjust the colour balance acording to the time of day.


Change the exposure if you feel that it is needed, obviously very late afternoon will be darker than mid-day so compensate for that with exposure control.


As to the number of bounces, 4 is quite alot but not excessive. It also depends on the scene. Sometimes as little as 1 or 2 bounces is enough.

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