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Architectural Walkthroughs


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Hello All


I've not been on line for a few weeks, the last time was for a quiery i had in regards to Architectural Walkthough i got some good feedback (Thanks Claudio Branch your tutorial was the easiest to follow).

Now that i know how to do this i have another quiery, as the camera follows a path this creates two keyframes; one at the beginning and one at the end,how can i make my camera stop and start along the path and maintain good control or do i have to use multiple cameras/paths to achive a smooth building walkthrough


Can anyone help a novice 3d max user? :)

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With AutoKey still turned on, scrub through the timeline until the camera is where you want it. Adjust the camera and a new key frame will be inserted.


It'll take some experimentation - make a very simple scene and have a play. I purchased 3DS Max Fundamentals by http://www.3dbuzz.com and it covers that (and a lot of other) subjects pretty well. Best US$99 I've spent in a long time.

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