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New MAX tree plugin


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re: the price, it is hard to evaluate, on one hand yes based on their gallery, but if it is fully integrated, and I don't have to fiddle with those ridiculous ivy settings, or spend days on end sorting through Onyx crashes, than it's worth it.


We don't really know if it can generate anything good until it is out of the hands of the programmers and in the hands of the people that will put it through its paces. Since it has been on the market about 3 weeks...I'm not surprised that its gallery is weak.


Sure would be nice if they had a working help file for the demo. :(

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Watched the videos and they look really promising. I did have some questions though.


1. Will you be coming out w/ more tutorials for adding leaves,making vines, working with wind, etc.

2. How are you dealing with Network deployments.....A. Can you purchase a floating license?....B. Do you have to do anything crazy to ensure that all machines on a network can render the objects created - like buy a license for every station?

3. Is there a face threshold you guys have hit that the plugin just can't get through?

4. What is your timeline for the 64 bit version?


It looks like a great piece of software, congratulations.:)

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