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Organic Modeling has Arrived

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i must nothing, nor shall or should or do i have to need to or got to, and neither do you. thats mid century German speak


the tools are just that good that i feel the need to share, altruism


with out direct experience i can understand your skepticism witch is healthy of any independent thinker.


all i can ask you to do is get over it because is is untrue and i am not interested

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Not to take away from the original thread, I'm sincerely amused/inspired by your Rhino_Tsplines evangelism in the forums. I actually think it's cool.


I actually used rhino here and there a couple of years ago along with Formz so I think you are a little hasty in insinuating that I don't know your tool of choice. By the way, nothing but good things to say about Rhino + easy on the philosophy dude...

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There will be no further Rhino evangelism on the Sketchup board. From here on, anything annoying about Rhino posted in the Sketchup board will be moderated in an appropriate manner. All decisions regarding definitions of 'annoying' and 'appropriate' will be made by the moderator. This is an official announcement.


Move along now, nothing to see here.

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Move along now, nothing to see here.
Actually there is :) : the 'subsmooth' plugin of Whaat is pretty amazing. I used it to model these scenes (see images in attachment).


By the way @Antisthenes: Are you the same guy that got banned from the PushPullBar three consecutive times (using different nicks) ?

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