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Lately I have been thinking about what the next step should be in order to continue my education. Until a couple months ago I could have given you a quick and sure answer.... Architecture. This profession has always been my goal and inspiration. Since I have finished 2 years of study in architecture in Mexico, I was planning to continue here in the USA and become an Architect. Now, my interest in the CGI industry has become stronger so I'm thinking to pursue it. I have a lot of artistic talent, which is strongly related with both professions,(Architecture and 3D design/animation), so now I'm vacillating between those options :confused: . Could anyone provide any insight concerning the pros and cons of both professions? I was also wondering if anyone knows of a good school with a good CGI undergraduate program in the Chicago area. What I would really love is to study 3D animation and have a concentration in the architectural area. Does anybody knows of any such programs or options? I would appreciate any type of information. Thank you. :)


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I think it's better to finnish your studies and have a degree as an architect.

It's something you have to fall back on.


CGI is fun, but what if you can't find a job that pays enough to live?

And it's HOT now, but will it be as hot in 10 years?


Everything has ups and downs, so does architecture. But I think architecture is something that will stay for ever!

It's like being a butcher or a baker, people can't live without it ...


And now that you're so far (2 years done) I think you should continue. And stay interested in CGI. It will be something you have as an extra, but not the only thing you have. You will be an architect with some extra, very handy qualities!

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I have to somewhat agree with samp. I work doing architectural visualizations, stills and animations and I've found that the grounding I got in an architectural school has really helped me work in the cg visualization job market. For example (albeit a lame one) I always new I was going to use cad to do any drawings, but I found it really useful to have studied how to technically draw by hand first. It gave me the basis for how the drawings were built, then I was able to use the computer to supplement that and make me faster.

I've also found that students coming out of the cg schools have a pretty good grounding in the programs, but they still need to work on it. They have a basic idea of what they can do, but still need to hone their skills. Pretty good start, BUT... what they lack in architectural skills holds them back. Not knowing what a plan or a section is makes it pretty difficult to interact with the building community.

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Hi all,


Here is a quote from one of the many cgi-books I've read. Unfortunately, I don't know who should receive the credits, but anyway here it is:


"It's easier to learn a micro-biologist how to draw in 3d than to make a 3d-artist understand micro-biology"


Hope this helps you on your walk of life ;)



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CHE - you gotta do wat you gotta do m8.


im living and working in the U.K. and find my proffesion wonderfull. i've been working doing architectural visualisation for 13 years since i left school but i've only got 4 years formal architectural education.


i dont know what it's like for you in your country, but where i live it be a case of if it works, feels good for you then do it. in my experiance working experiance is 100 times more valuable than any qualifications you might have.


ultimately have faith. if you think you're good enough as a cgi artist then go for it with all you're worth. if your doubt full about your abilities then maybe stick to your education incase cg doesnt work out and you need a fall back.


whitch ever the case i wouldnt worry. with this kind of interest and passion you'll usually make most things happen. i did.

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