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CG Architect forums have got a search function.


Note that you can very easily just type in '1510' for your member number and search whatever forum you want to search.


This in turn produces a list of posts, which you made on that particular forum, with the dates of your own post beside it.


That is, the posts are arranged by chronological order, making it very easy for you to see what you were thinking/writing about at a particular time.


It is very easy too, to compare what you were thinking about in terms of Critiques, General discussion, Hardware discussions, Site Content and Photoshop Tutorial Discussions.


Very neat feature.

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Hi Gareth


Cool links! Do you know about Karl Simms "Virtual evolved Creatures"


I think they are best described as robots whose behaviour is evolved in a virtual environment with a few basic rules (for example gravity) and components (rectangular blocks) - and the result is... well AMAZING :gebigeek:

These little creatures say so much about whats coming... And the visualisation is allright too.


Take a look at this little movie. Its about 9 MB but one of the most interesting downloads I´ve done..


And look here and here

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