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Accuracy problem


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Hey everybody,


This is happening more and more to me....to the point of at least once a day. Look at the attached picture. I have a string of dimensions...but there is a random 1/8 inch thrown in there. the above dimension doesn't account for that. The only way I can fix it is by changing the precision of the bad dimension to 1/4.


Why is it doing this so much to me:confused:


And yes...the dimensions are all snapped together.



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Hi Aaron,


What precision are your units set to while drawing and dimensioning? I believe if you were to set your drawing unit precision to 1/16" and measured the distance of the lines you believe to be 2'-9" long, they would actually measure 2'-8 15/16" long.

That 1/16" difference x 2 would equal the extra 1/8" - which will make you middle dimension 5'-5 1/8".


The reason it shows up on the middle dimension of 5'-5 1/8" is because the primary units in your dimension style are likely set to 1/8" precision. They will not display the actual 2'-8 15/16" dimensions of the outside lines. --- a bit confusing - but start by changing the drawing units to 1/16" and measure those lines showing dimensioned at 2'-9".


Let me know how it works out -


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Kevin's answer has the meat of the situation.


I'll add: My general rule with students is if you have to mess with the dimension display then that is a sign that the drawing needs to be corrected.


Except it looks like maybe these are dimensioning horizontal distances along a diagonal. In that case you'll never get good numbers. Should you be using aligned dimensions instead?

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