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need help with zbrush


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I'm new to zbrush and i am trying to paint a model previously don in 3dsmax 9,

the problem is ; whenever i drop the model and apply paint to it the whole model turns to the color of the paint not just the portion i painted.


i need to know why it is doing this and how to fix it.


thanx a lot guys

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My demo ran out a while ago so I can't try to duplicate your troubles. So I'm guessing...


Are you sure you want to "drop" it? That sounds like "put it to the weirdo zbrush canvas" and I'm guessing you want to paint texture maps for it probably to bring back to max to render up right.


It sounds like you are applying a material rather than painting. Wrong kind of thing entirely.


Maybe that'll give you something to look at when poking around in the help. G'luck.

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