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3dmax line work


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Will depend to some degree on what format the ground is. Some ideas of varying ease and quality:


- use the site map as a bitmap texture on the ground. Will probably need to be many pixels depending on how close you will be to it. This will tend to smear on the steeper slopes.


- If there are splines as contour sources kicking about in a corner somewhere, use them and turn on "renderable". Give them as much thickness as needed to show nicely. I made mine rectangular, not very wide but tall enough to show. I don't quite like the results here but it may work better elsewhere.


- Make a vertical map of horizontal stripes. I tried a gradient ramp and a bitmap. Liked the bitmap better. Used a cylindrical uvw because it was easiest for me to understand positioning. Takes some extra filtering and smears on shallower slopes (see near shadow of 'S').


And now that I reread your question, I'm not sure I've been answering the same one you've been asking.

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If the lines are editable splines then just select the splines and click on the modify tab. Inside that is a rendering tab. check the box that says "enable in renderer" You can adjust the thickness and color of the splines manually but if you render you will see the lines. Hope that helps.

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