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how do you ask your boss that you need a new work station


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My half cent...


"When you have a chance, can we talk about hardware upgrades."


Simply say that in person, and not email. An email is easy to overlook or ignore, and he won't know you are serious. After you say this, pull together your numbers, and meet with him, again in person. People are more likely to say yes if you are talking to them, and not communicating by email.

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You could just sit and stare blankly at the monitor for long periods of time. When he asks what you're doing, you tell him "I'm waiting for my rendering to finish."


This worked for me :)


"Ky, we need that rendering done by 12, is that going to be a problem?"




"Whys that!?"


"Because it takes 32hours to render on this thing."


"Oh, do we need to get you a new computer?"


"Yes, you do."

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And while you are at it, try to establish a plan for the future to make it easier next time. Once you have proved to the boss that keeping up with technology can make a return on productivity and efficiency..... get it in writing to have a set schedule for updates.


For instance we've got it set for our studio that no-one will ever have a system that is older than 3 years. Purchasing is divided by the number of people in the studio over time. So if you have 9 people, every year you buy/upgrade 3 systems.


My previous office had an IT department that worked on this principal which I thought was great, so I carried it over and actually wrote it into the business plan for our in-house studio.


This way when the time comes you are doing more of a reminder than pleading for new systems.

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Trickle down planning also makes a lot of sense.


A 3D artist requires heavy computing power, we all know that. We also know that drafters and secretaries do not. 3D workstations that are too slow for current visualization are still perfectly functioning computers that can be re-purposed within an organization. Workstations are generally built of more robust components and will last a long time.


I call it the the computer circle of life and it makes financial and environmental sense. :D

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thanks everyone,,


going to the boss directly diplimatically worked..


and now a 64 bit BOXX is ordered.

not sure tho if there would have a better choice

but heard good vibs about it.


from the comments it appears much of management

does not understand that rendering and modeling is not an excel sheet.


mahalo, r

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