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Facebook group???

Dave Buckley

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Lets keep it just for cgarchitect members???


Get everyone on it and lets get them to include there cgarchitect screenname so we can start seeing who people are


this could be good and may well turn into another useful resource, also good for people uploading renders, keeps them all in one place (a new source of inspiration

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I think I'd prefer it kept to just the social side of the members, and not so much about business. As for posting renders and such that's why we have the forums here, I wouldn't want to detract from the content of the CGA site. That's what makes it great in the first place.


Members can always post links on facebook to their recent uploads here on the site.


I'm open to hear opinions on if it should be open or closed to the public, my thoughts are that is if it's open it may draw more attention to CGA which I see as a good thing.

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I'm game for that, lets just stick to members social sides and name the group something like cgarchitect social networking and leave it open to public.


more opinions on this guys


you never know we may find that we are actually closer to a lot of our fellow members than we think

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i'm liking this idea more and more, would be good to see what other interests people have outside of 3d/cg


unfortunately, i can't log in to facebook until work finishes, they block it during working hours, silly them, they only blocked it on one server, switching to the other server gives us perfect access


anyway, too busy for facebook in work, but will join the group when i get home

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Facebook actually saves time because it lets you keep up with people you are socially obligated to, but don't like, without actually talking with them. It also has this great effect where you get a friend request from some random person you haven't seen in 15 years and you end up chatting with them and find out that they're now gay Republican trail guides in Iraq.

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Well, my only form of online socialising are forums, and I only hang out on 2.


I use messenger for chat, but only have 4 people on my list (2 are family).


If someone asks me for my messenger details, I just tell them to email me.

"I don't have time to chat in real time. E-mail is perfect. It lets each party talk when he/she has the time to do so."


I use to play Chess by Mail (real mail, not e-mail).

I can be a patient person, as long as I take things into context.


If I haven't talk to someone in 15 years, then I don't need to talk to them.

Might sound harsh, but it's true.


Co-Workers are always after me to get a FaceBook page or whatever.

At work, I'm paid to talk to them.

Not much incentive to do so after hours, eh?


That sounds harsh, but it's true. There are exceptions, but not very many.


The two people that aren't family members on my Messenger, they fluctuate.

If I don't talk to them very often, I assign a weighted value to their status.

If enough days go by without a conversation, the ratio dips low enough to drop them.

I usually don't put someone else back in there for at least a month or two.


Yes, I'm a grumpy old man.

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