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Hello all,


I'm in need of some information.

I have a school assignment where I have to research some basic questions about the architetural visualization industry (Informational Interview). I need as much information as possible, if you could please answer these questions as best possible I would greatly appreciate your assistance.


Feel free not to answer questions you don't see fit to.


1. What are some of the objectives to avvomplish for this industry?

2. What are some of the more difficult problems faced in this industry?

3. How would these problems be best handled?

4. How is one evaluated in this industry?

5. What accounts for success in this industry?

6. What are the general day to day activities of the industry?

7. What are some of the skills and abilities needed to succeed in this industry?

8. What software does this industry use?

9. How is performance reviewed in this industry?

10. How much creative freedom is available for projects in this industry?

11. Can you describe an ideal employee?

12. What kind of work can one expect to do for the first year in this industy?

13. What is the starting, average, and high pay for this industry?


If you would like please answer these questions as well.


Your Company:

Your Name:

Phone #:


Web Site:


If you would like to answer these questions confidentialy please email them to me.




Thank you so much for your time and I hope to have replies soon.

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