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architecture modeling - help


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I don't remember if I posted this here before but in any case here it goes again.


I used to be a Macintosh user with not so many options for architecture CG. Now I switched to PC and I have plany options to go for. From modeling to rendering.

The question is: I use to work 2D and 3D with vectorworks. Some of my 3D is done with Form-Z. Now I have to work with Max and LightScape. I've been reading and I think the modeling process to use with LS is different from that with solids. I believe it's better to use planes than solids to model for LS. Well, is there any tutorial around there that covers a step by step for beginners in 3D Max on how to model architectural elements such as walls, windows, doors, entire floors,

roofs etc?


Would it be anyone interest in making one?


See, my best guess is that I'm better of trying to learn everything of modeling with Max ( since I only know how to model with VW or Form-Z ) and them work my way around with LS. I know Form-Z is compatible with LS but I've been trying Max and I think it's pretty much fun and better to work with.



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i started out with VW and FZ also, and now i use autocad and MAX, some things have changes a little bit but not in general, same thing tome, i just used the same techniques that i used to use, plus the great tools these have and had no problems, i recommend u develop your own technique



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I guess I could develop my ow techinics, but the problem is that I don't use AutoCad. I only know the basics of 2D but nothing for 3D.


All I want to learn is the step-bystep modeling process. Walls as solids? Or just planes? And how about windows and doors?


See, in Vectorworks the models are very especific to be used with Art-Lantis ( a render software ) and in Form-Z I use to render with its own render engine. Now I want to jump up to a next level using LightScape and also learn how to model in 3D Max, that's why I keep asking for a tutorial from the begining for a newbie ( kind of ).


Thx a lot

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if you wanna learn polygon-modeling (edit mesh, and edit poly) you should check out some free videos at www.3dbuzz.com


ok, they are more into modeling aliens and weird creatures than architectural stuff, BUT it doesnt really matter if your just intrested in learning the tools. very good stuff...


you can model a wall by just making a box and apply a wall-like material to it... but this stuff could help you if you want to model more complex furniture later on.



you need to register as a 3dbuzz member to get access to the vids, but thats free so it doesnt really matter




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I asked because here they always insist on teaching this damm form-z and vector works (all because that evil thing called Macintosh)

I worked with form-z about 1 year and then changed to 3d max...

the way of modeling depends for each one, but i prefer to import the Cad plans to 3d viewport and then draw with snaps and extrude the shapes.

Other thing i recommend its not to invest learning lightscape, because discreet had incorporate it to max (but not so perfectly) and there are lot of GI renderers to be used with max without the many modeling requiremets to work with lightscape

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