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i give, how does the daylighting analysis work!?


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I've watched the videos at autodesk, I've set the scene up according to all the correct settings (=0 Invalid settings in 'Lighting Analysis'), I've scoured erco's website. I've downloaded the Perez file, linked to the mr daylight system. The mr daylight system is the only light in my scene. I'm only using mr Pro Materials or arch&design materials.


I'm interested in the illuminance values to see how much light is hitting the different surfaces, no so much the luminance values. Is there any thorough explanation of how this system works out there? I'm pretty disappointed with the depth that the autodesk videos go into.


So the question....why isn't light behaving the way it should in this scene? most specifically the back wall...anyone with some lighting experience here have any insight? Is this accurate to how light behaves???

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hmmmmm, good thoughts. no mirrors, no nothing back there. the window on the left does wrap around the back of the building way back there so I might expect some light on the wall in the back, but not the whole length.


I've even re-modeled a plane jane extruded line following that corner to make sure it was clean geometry and got the same result. All normals are facing the right direction. The material is just a standard generic mr pro material about 50% gray. I'll try to throw up a screen grab of the material when I get to work tomorrow. I'm starting to think this may just bee accurate?


I'll also try to grab a couple screen shots showing more of the building to get an idea.


Thanks for the responses.



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I have been having the same problem in Max Design the last week and sent off an email to a LEED consultant who uses the software alot... if he sends me something back tomorrow i will post for you...


I think it may have to do with the way the indirect light from the vision glass is bounced back into the space by the floor and ceiling...

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I hear you brother. Ever since the release of 2009 I have been selling this feature to our partners so we can do our own analysis for LEED certs on our projects. Now that I finally have a LITTLE time to do it, I can't figure out how.


Why wouldn't Autodesk provide any decent documentation on how to do this stuff?


What's-his-name did a quick demonstration showing how to do it at DMVC-Boston, but I can't remember the process he used, and my notes aren't very detailed.


LEED requires a horizontal calculation grid 30" off the floor. They showed us how to do that, but I can't seem to figure that out.


Any help here would be appreciated.

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I was waiting to hear back from the consultants but no luck...


@ Timothy Saunders - if you go to the autodesk website, I seem to remember seeing a video demonstrating the process... also, I know I had problems in the beginning because I had Max installed and it doesn't have the light meter helper (???!) only max design does... don't get it... except to say that its and autodesk marketing ploy...

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