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How do I imitate Vray advanced glass and glossy mats with Vray Free materials???


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I use Vray free at home and after using the Vray map on the reflection channel, I can't seem to get the same results as I get with the Vray advanced material. I have also tried the same map under the specular color channel and I can't seem to get it to work.


I am also stuggling with getting the fresnel to work using a falloff map/vray map combination for use on highly reflective surfaces.


When I start to mix the standard Max specular and glossy levels, things really get messed up.


Could someone please send me a description of the best settings or material files that I could use as templates?


Thanks in advance.

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I just did some tests in Vray 1.5 Advanced, using the Vray Default material and then the Standard Max material with Vray Map.


The secret is embedding the vray map within the max falloff map on the channel that defaults to white. This conglomerated map is placed under the reflection map slot of the Standard Max material.


Then the specular and glossiness parameters are changed. For a glossy material, I increased the specular level up to 300 with the glossiness at 40.


For a non-glossy reflection, set the specular much lower like 80, which matches the vray setting of 0.8 leave the max standard material glossiness at 40.


Within the falloff map there is a falloff type parameter drop down which can be set from Perpendicular/Parallel or toggled to Fresnel. These two settings replace the fresnel reflections check box.


To Do Glass add a Vray Map with the rerfract checked off under the standard max refract map channel.

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