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vista x64 vs. XP x64

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I was looking to upgrade my xp x32 to some x64 OS. In my office I have Vista x64, but here at home I would like to install XP, since I have problem with QTVR.

What are your recommendations?


I went on this link:



there is written: OpenGL is not supported on Windows XP 64 because XP 64-bit drivers aren't written to support this technology.


Is this true? Will I be able to use GPU with my photoshop cs4 to accelerate some features?

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Adobe's statement is not technically correct.


This said, there is absolutely no good reason NOT to get Vista64 with a new computer.


If you plan to still use older components, XP64 may be a better way to go in terms of compatibility and reliability.


OpenGL works just fine in both as long as you have solid GPU drivers. Nvidia Quadro and ATI Fire GL cards work great in both 64bit environments for 3D and compositing apps.

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I have a FireGL v5200 on XP64 and it's got one of the fastest Cinebench OGL scores I've ever seen.


But either of those OSes will run most things.


BTW Windows 2008 - haven't we had this discussion before? About server OSes on workstations and how they're too expensive and there's no point. BTW Windows 2008 runs the Windows Vista 64 kernel - that's right, all this time you thought you were badass running the server version, but it turns out you were running Vista.

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