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Extruding a dwg?


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Hi....I have a quick question...what is the easiest way to extrude an imported cad dwg? turn it into an editable spline? I tried attaching all the segments, and when I apply the extude modifier, only the lines extrude, not the solid shape. Any sugestions? thanks!

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much easier to do in cad:


makes the lines a polyline either by

polyline edit; join; close


or boundary in the middle of a shape to make a clean polyline.


type extrude or ext , specify the height, or angle, and you have a solid you can import into anything..


in max, it should be a spline, select the verticies (nodes, dots) and weld together the open ones to close off the polyline so when you extrude it it's not all opened up on the top..you cand control the weld threshhold so it closes everything within a specific distance of two verticies...


can be a real pain sometimes and should be easier, i spent over an hour last week fooling around with one spline that was not drawn properly in cad. there should be better tolerances for making boundaries for in cad too.

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