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Archicad begginer


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Maybe this will sound stupid to most of you but i really need help. I am an ADT, Autocad user and just wanted to try this software but got stucked at the very beggining.

So first thing i do is take the wall tool, set the height, material etc in the setting dialog, finish editing and now starting to drag the wall but here's the problem. How to set the wall's lenght:confused:? In Autocad there is a command line for this, but here i have no idea how. Help pls

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Long time since I used Archicad, and did not use it for that long, but from what I remember: click where the wall is supposed to start, drag in the direction you want to create the wall, enter the lenghts and click enter. If that is not the way, if you post a screen dump of the archicad toolset I should be able to tell you how to straight away.

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After clicking your starting point press the 'r' button which then lets you input the length you want the wall/slab edge/beam/roof etc to be. R is inputing length, A for angle, X & Y if you are using a co-ordinates system. All the input boxes for these should be in a pallete somewhere on your screen but it is much quicker to use the shortcuts. Holding down Shift will constrain the mouse to 90 degrees and other angles in between that can be set by you in - Options > Work Environment > Mouse Constraints and Methods

I use Archicad for everything from kitchen cabinets to 70 storey highrises!

Good Luck!

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We explored the option of switching to Graphisoft ArchiCAD in grad school and I found that they have a pretty decent set of resources for new and experienced users that can be found on thier website.


They have a section specific to curtain walls on this page:



They also have a rather extensive set of video tutorial available for download which are excellent quality and can run from within ArchiCAD i believe. Most of them are setup in multi-part mini series on different tools/features and the videos vary in length from 3-10 minutes and basically step by step walk you through.


Interactive Training Guides



Also, within the ArchiCAD program itself there are several built in help sections available from the pull-down menu. If all else fails, press F1.

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How can I switch a file from the educational version to the normal one? Because I can't copy-paste elements from one version to another.


As far as I know it is not possible to copy / paste between student and commercial version. I even think it is not possible to open student-version-made files with commercial one.


How to upgrade from student to commercial?

I would go for uninstall student and then install full version.

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