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What are the ways, to prevent File Crashing in 3D Max?


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Hello Firends,


Let me introduce my self first, I am working as Manager at Trinetram 3D Rendering Studio in UK. Sometimes my team had a problem of crashing flie while it rendered on the machine. Than somehow we have to reduce the some matrial from the Max file than only we are able to complete the Final Rendering Image.


Please let me know if you could help me out.

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Thanks for replying me,


Let me provide the information of last animation film which we completed recently. Our Team guy are using Archmotion textures with normal size, there lots of proxy Trees in the Film and we had AMD Processers with 4 GB RAM. The person who is working on the project has 1 year experince. The project is completed now successfully with photo real effects, but I still want to sovle this issue in order to save the time.


I hope this information is engogh to help me out.


Thanks again

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Useful info to include in your posts:

type of cpu (not just brand)


operating system

32 or 64 bit

video card info

max version

how big is the max file?

how many polys in the max file?


Here's an example:

Q6600 Quad Core (not overclocked)

8-gigs Corsair ram

nVidia 8800GT w/1-gig video ram

Windows XP64

3ds Max 2009 Design (64bit)

max file has 1.2 million polys

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Also your repro steps for what you are doing inside of max make it completely impossible for us to know how to help you.


Bad Example:

"Help max is crashing on me when I create a teapot"


Good Example:

1. start max

2. active create command panel

3. Press teapot button

4. move mouse over left viewport

5. left mouse button down

6. move

7. release mouse button





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