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2009. "Fly" is bugging me.

Peter M. Gruhn

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Normally I just "alt-v b enter" to get into constrained orbit mode. Yay, happy.


I've gotten it so that it thinks I want to be in fly/walkthrough mode. I don't. I never do. I orbit or pan in parallel projection and it says "You can only fly in perspective. Wanna change?" ... every single time I adjust the view a little. I don't want to keep cancelling that dialog. I don't want to change to perspective. I can't make this stop. Please, what's the NEVERFLYEVERSRSLYIMEANIT=0?


I _think_ it started because I thought maybe I wanted the view cube. So I typed "CUBE" and "on". But that didn't show the cube. Seems the cube only comes up if I'm in shade, not 2d wire (yes, even in a 3d perspective view). But I can't find anything to do to CUBE or the view cube that makes fly go away.


This has turned AutoCAD to near useless just this one little "feature." Pulling hair out.

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