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Quick Walk Through V 1.0.0.

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QUICK WALK THROUGH V 1.0.0. is for architectural visualization. In this version the script can detect 7 PivotDoors (PivotDoor01 to PivotDoor07) and 7 CasementWindows (CasementWindow01 to CasementWindow07). Using Keyboard Camera can be rotated in the x-axis also. Mouse can be used while Auto Key is on.


Camera is moved using keys, mouse and controls are similar to games. It can detect walls in the direction of movement and stop in front of it if the distance between camera and wall is less than 10". Doors and windows will open/close when the camera is near/away from it. It can detect floor below it. This is useful in climbing stairs and ramps. Even if there is no surface (Floor) below the camera, it will move keeping the height just before leaving the surface. Walk through can be rendered to a file.

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