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not getting enough rendering buckets from my i7 processor, any idea's?

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Hi all


I built my own computer last month with an i7 2.67mhz cpu, since everyone was raving how good it was for rendering.


I was under the impression that with this processor I should be getting at least 4 render buckets when rendering in 3D Max, some have said as much as 8 with the hyper threading. But I only seem to have 2 which is a little disappointing as I'm sure you'll agree. Not sure if it make any difference but I'm using Vista 64


I've looked around my system and have found that in my device manager my computer reads 8cpu's, but in my task manager it only reads 2 cpu's see image attached


Its all a little confusing and any advise on the matter would be great



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Not sure - the delivery of my i7 has been deliver until Monday. :(

I know my USB and other motherboard features weren't fully enabled until I installed current MoBo drivers.


I know it's a 4-core chip, not sure if Hyperthreading will make it register 8 cores or not tho.

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Sorted, I've got all 8 cores rendering nicely and my render times have dropped dramaticly....phew.


in case anyone has similar problems, my solution came from ViperGrendal on this forum



I just wanted to let people know (maybe it's been addressed in another thread here) but you can get the 8 "processors" to show up again once you've set it to 4 in the MSCONFIG boot settings. Set it back to 1 and then uncheck the "Number of Processors" then check the "Detect HAL" go out and check "Make all Boot settings permanent" hit apply and click yes, then reboot. Now you should see the 8 processors again and you can go back to the boot settings and set that to 8 also. It does speed up the boot time a bit.
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