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3ds max ram player gamma issue

Dave Buckley

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i have a series of still images rendered from max


my gamma settings are on 2.2 (input and output)


the rendered images look fine.


I then compile them in the Max RAM player to export as AVI, however regardless of the export gamma settings, the resulting video looks really dark.


however, if i do it as .mov, and keep the same settings, its looks perfect


any ideas why.


preferably, i want to be able to render out image,s compile them in RAM player, export as AVI and have as little deviation between images and final avi as possible

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This is weird, I've just had the same issue with 2012, but as soon as you run it in 2011 it works fine. Cheers Derrin!!


And I'm running into this problem with 2011, maybe I should try in an older version. :p

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