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3D walkthrough software


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There's a lot of options here if you do a search on real time rendering not tried any of them myself but I'd also like to know which would be the best.


Plus would the actual computer game route be worth trying? I understand it's not that difficult to convert a max scene to the unreal engine and I'd bet their engine would be able to move a serious amount of polys smoothly.


Maybe VRayRT although I guess that would be viewport only with no way to make it stand alone.

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Thanks for the reply. I'm looking into real time renderers at the moment but struggling to find one that can ouput a standalone application.


The computer game route sounds interesting. I'm not a gamer though so not sure about whether you can create a standalone application from the unreal game engine. (Do you have to run your 'level' through unreal tournament?)


Essentially what I'm looking for is a file that I can send to my clients that will allow them to wonder around the space they've designed without having to worry about them owning certain software.

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I did games design as my degree, if your creating content that you wish to be able to walk around etc. Unreal engine, valve hammer for half-life even the call of duty map editor can all take your 3d models. Its just a case of exporting your models into a format the programs need.


As for running your levels then yes you will have to run them through the editor. Valve hammer for half-life is free to download but you will need the game to run your maps, unreal ed engine you get with the game, and the call of duty editor is free download, but really hard to use lol.


Anyway if you need any help with creating a level to run your 3d content in, let me know. Im very profficient with valve hammer, can use unreal ed pretty well and id avoid call of duty editor like the plague unless your really clever.




EDIT: if you want to send clients a file that shows you walking around your space, you can always create your level etc and record you walking around it and send them the video file?

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Im actually setting up a part of my business to cover realtime visualization.

My main industry for the past 18 years has been videogame development, and have worked on some of the industry biggest hits - so I know all about realtime rendering.


I have the technology in place and can be delivered in a variety of ways including online/web and is very affordable in comparison to using a gaming engine, which almost certainly will require programming support and which is not cheap.


If you would like to hear more please get in touch, I have a website in the works that explains it all - but it sounds exactly what you are looking for.



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hi 'Victor'

What do you mean despairing at the replies you got? Are you saying my answer is crap? Quest 3D is a middle ware solution that has the capability to achieve the results the questioner was asking in theory - but you miss out the main point - realtime rendering is COMPLETELY different to architectural vis.

And another point, Quest 3D is not a solution you can just load a max model into and export into a realtime application - theres alot more than that, which obviousley you dont understand.

Ive used Quest 3D, it is good like I say but its far from bieng a solution to loading in a model and exporting as realtime.


By the way, Im not putting the questioner off using Quest 3D - for one the license costs thousands and for two its not as easy as it sounds - get your facts straight before saying peoples replys are crap.

I have over 20 years experience in realtime graphics, over 8+million products sold and several BAFTA winners - dont say my reply is crap.

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Oh no Mick,

Please don't get it wrong. Your answer is NOT crap at all. I once looked out for similar solution some time ago and Quest 3D was just the answer. I was wondering what my feelings would be if I got those replies but you have made the question even more explicit and i think you may be right. Well, these are the options and there is big hope that one at least would be of great help to the questioner.

I wish you plenty luck.



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No problem Victor, and I agree with you about Quest3D to a degree, it does do the job what the original questioner was asking but its a bit more complicated than just import & export an app. I do find the price a bit shocking though for what it is, essentially a decent but not amazing realtime engine with a few knobs on the back end! :D

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