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stone wall seamless tiling


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I was just curious if anyone would be able to help me, i'm trying to tile a stone wall similiar to the attached image but due to obvious problems such as the stones not lining up with one another at the edges i'm not sure how to get a clean seam for tiling on a large area such as a house wall.



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You could use a photoshop plugin to generate a seamless texture but for textures like this i don't think it will work well.


Another option is to use the offset tool in photoshop to help you create a tiling texture manually but this also might be a bit tough.


Another option is to use a Bercon map seen here. I'm not sure how flexible it is as I've never used it.


The other option I can suggest is to use StoneCad. There are lots of maps like yours in this small application that outputs tileable textures. I've heard that it doesn't work anymore so if thats the case I've attached the 3 that are closest to your original map. These maps are tileable.

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