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The cat came back... Tower Project


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Okay! After many months this project has landed back on my desk again for more revisions... I really enjoyed it the first time, and wouldn't mind putting together something even better this time.


This is my first go at the first perspective, still waiting on some details for the model so decided to work on the landscaping and start putting together the photoshop file. This has a tight deadline so I will re-render and replace the existing model with an update... didn't want to sit around and do nothing. Aiming to finish 2 aerials, this perspective, shadow and glare studies for Friday.


Trying something new for the grass, want to turn this into a small animation later on, so trying out pflow with mental ray. I am pretty happy with it... especially after adding a few touches in PS...

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Those close ups are very nice. What bothers me most is those neighbours that are solid colour and not facades, perphaps either modelling them with little detail - some windows and glass or slap a texture or two on there.

The whole image is nicely done without areas of 'letting go' and then there are these white blocks.

At least they could go somewhat transparent, maybe a gradient from solid into transparency?

Im not sure about the ratio of the image unless the client specified that he wants to see the whole neighbourhood, plus if you really plan on leaving the neighbours as blocks best to leave as much of them out as possible IMO.

Also it is quite apparent that those trees have the role of hiding most of the surroundings (they look CG thus making the illusion of PR weaker but to be honest the image looks more like a painting which is nice :)) , if so is the case then better simply cut down the ratio and narrow the image focus closer to the actuall designed building.

Im guessing both of the more modelled buildings are as the proposal?


Perphaps the top of the building is a bit too blue in hue, altough the image has a sort of fairytale feel to it which I personally think is great. Especially the painted trees far in the backdrop work really well here. :)


PS. For Friday? Better get to work then soldier! ;)

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Thx for the great crit Jakub,


will be modelling or painting the neighbors... I hate the trees up front too, getting rid of them in the morning and placing a few nice large trees to render... nice foliage in mental ray without using sss still eludes me. Read this and might try it tomorrow morning -->




Thx again Jakub, will try and tighten it up by end of tomorrow...



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Is the title of this thread (the cat came back) named after the animation? Its a brilliant little cartoon.




haha... maybe somewhere along those lines... one of those projects that keeps showing up every little while.


That toon is great! I havn't seen that in years! Thx Tom! :D

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dahm... just wrote a long reply saying thx to everyone and then something went haywire and I lost it.


Thx everyone for the help and suggestions. :D


Probably spent too much time on this one image already... still have 2 more to do for end of Friday (did glare and shadow studies last night)... and I have some working drawings I am being pressured to finish for tomorrow morn. Will do what has to be done and if neccessary, will re-visit this project on my own time to keep playing with it.


Thx again!



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