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Showroom Exterior


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hi maria ... thanks for the feedback.. will try to make the car little shorter along with the bamboo.


and guys.... i have place a RED Car in this image.. but a friend of mine saw this image in her monitor and says the car looks Orange and Grass a bit Saturated too...


I mean in my system the Car looks RED but in her monitor its Orange.... a drastic color difference.


Can you please let me know what is the color of the Car in your system....


I need to know is my monitor showing the Colors properly...



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over all its ok. but to get more realism, the lighting should get morenatural.the image to me looks flat without much depth .the shadows could be better.yes the scale of those bamboos u need to work on.also over all the vegetation texture could be much darker n more realistic.this looks kind of plastic IMO.al the best.happy rendering

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