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Difference between RC & SP

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I´ve noticed that there are different versions of Vray, SP and RC. Can anyone shed any light on what the difference is between them?




SP = Service Pack. These are product point releases that add new features and bug fixes. They have thus far been free. (ie version 1.5 SP1, SP2, etc)


RC = Release Candidate. These test releases that come out just before a major product version change. Generally they are provided to customers or beta testers before the final version is released. (ie version 2.0 RC1, RC2 etc.) When the version is deemed ready for release then it would be pushed out as version 2.0. Before V-Ray 2.0 comes out the final test versions will be called 2.0 RC1, RC2, etc. Up until now major version changes have been free, but 2.0 will be a paid upgrade.

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