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Nov. 4 Chicago C4D Meeting: C4D/After Effects, Advanced Render 3, Xpresso


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Date: Wednesday November 4, 6:30pm

Location: Columbia College, 600 S. Michigan Ave., Room 1314


Our next Chicago C4D meeting is coming up next Wednesday, and we have a full agenda. Scott Peters of The Blue Chip Casino is back with "Integrating Cinema 4D and After Effects Part 2". He'll explain how to display your videos/animations on non-flat surfaces in After Effects using UV Maps from Cinema 4D.


I will be covering two topics at the meeting. First will be an overview of Advanced Render 3 and the new features that come with C4D 11.5. These include the new, hugely improved Picture Viewer and the use of Render Instances.


I will also be presenting an Xpresso example that shows off a couple of very useful nodes: Hierarchy and Freeze. Finally, we'd like to invite everyone to bring in a demo reel. We'd love to see what you've been working on. See you next week!



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