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AutoCAD for Survey (Question)


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Hi guys


Im about to start a job in Chinese survey company.. Where my responsibilities will be using Total Station and AutoCAD software for road survey. And that Road survey will conduct in Hilly area..


Im not so good in AutoCAD I just can draw 2d line and can extrude them into3d like an apartment, house. Or u can say I use AutoCAD for architectural point view.. Can someone tell me what kind of work will be taken from me in AutoCAD n is there any video tutorial about that?

AutoCAD version will be 2007 or previous..

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the civil people I work with use


Civil 3D and Land Desktop..

these are both autocad programs designed to

work with things related to terrain..



i believe total station will create points in a 3d (x, y, z) file that you can bring into autocad ..

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