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Problem when only "Visible to Reflection/Refraction" is checked


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I have a scene where the camera is setup outside of the walls in order to get the field of view that I need. I set the foreground wall to be "visible only to reflection" so that it can be seen on reflective surfaces across the way, but not directly to the camera.


The wall is not a simple wall, but has geometry representing acoustic foam tile. The areas where these tiles meet each other shows up as dirty line that I cannot seem to get rid of. In the image below in the upper right hand corner, you can see the dirty lines.


Is this a common problem where there is a known issue and or a fix?

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Clipping planes didn't work out well because of the angle I am using. I also am using Vray, so the secondary ray bias is not an option.


What I found was that if I have "visible only to reflection" checked and then uncheck "renderable", it does render the reflections and clean up the mess I was seeing.


I thought that if I had "renderable" unchecked, it would not even render the reflections, but it is. Possibly because I had "visible to reflections" checked before unchecking "renderable".

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