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Our website has a doppelganger...


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Actually yes it sucks to have a dupe out there but I really don't see it as something to get upset over.


"Imitation is the strongest form of flattery"


Their site isn't as clean, if you compare it to the original you can see the kit of parts but when reassembled it isn't as well done. And their work is sub-par compared to yours..... so it's not like you're going to lose any work to them.


Yes, it's a shame....worth spending any time (billable hours) on it??.... probably not.

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Ah we aren't getting too upset about it. Our site needs an overhaul anyway.


I think an email has been sent to their host, but we are too busy doing real work to waste too much time on these guys.


We run our own race, and aren't terribly worried about what the "competition" is doing (not that we think of these guys as being our competition). The only problem for us would be if someone sees their crappy work and thinks they have a legit connection to us.


Thanks for the support, guys'n'gals.

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It does look very similar in its layout, but they arent using any of your work and claiming its theirs are they..?


I havent seen the text they have copied, but as far as I know, using a "similar" style isnt against the law.. In fact, I would be quite pleased somebody decided that my design was good enough to replicate. As Brian said, imitation is the strongest form of flattery..


And it is clear to see, their work is way below the standard you have produced.. I wouldnt even give this the time of day if it where me.;)

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thats shocking


i just contacted them myself generally requesting info to see what blurb they give me.


this is copy and pasted from the auto response




We will contact you soon & your details submiited SUCESSFULY

there is nothing worse than poor basic grammar mistakes from a 'professional' company


probably some one man band trying to pass himself off as a well respected company.


take it as a compliment that he likes your stuff

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This type of thing really annoys me, as rather than use thier own time to create something their own they would rather use it to just blatantly rip something off. :mad:

0 for creativity in a profession which you need an element of creative flair.

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