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How do we make a rope move along like a belt upon two pulleys?


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I made a couple of pulleys distant from each other which has a groove to contain the rope belt which keeps moving as the pulleys rotate together in the same forward direction. I was trying to make a rope (with a basic cylindrical spline and then adding a rope kind of material onto it). I was able to make a small cylindrical object move along the rope path with the path constraint and then giving wire parameters to it so as to rotate proportionally along with the pulleys.


What I was not able to figure out was how do we make the cylindrical object extend continuously around the entire path constraint moving area across the pulleys, so that the rope seems continuous. I tried it with multiple instances of the object but while curving across the pulleys they seemed to jag across and adding a material to it was not suitable.


I was also thinking if we could add a stagnant object as the rope and only simulate the materials so as to seem that it the rope itself is in motion. But somehow I really want my rope to move along too carrying the material.


I'm sure this is a simple query what with this being my first post here. Hopefully I get the right direction in this forum over here to excel in 3ds Max.

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@ Thablanch: Thank you very much. The script which you mentioned is very much in line with what I needed. Although it seemed a bit too advanced for my requirement. I shall nodoubt see its use as time goes by.


Meanwhile another way I was able to get the rope was to use a thin cylinder with multiple segments and using the 'Path Deform' modifier. Once establishing a loop within the entire spline, I was able to make it move with the 'percent option' thereby animating it.


The only problems I face is I don't understand what is the orange star mark once the Path Deform is applied (and how it works) and I don't know how to give the loop actual continuity rather than just making it follow from its head to tail.

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