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Kerbs / Pavements / Roads


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This is something I always struggle to model and texture well in my scenes and I thought I would ask how some of you guys create this part of a scene. I usually use sweeps for my kerbs and then extrudes for my paths and a combination of sweeps, lofts and extrudes for my roads.


A kerb generator for c4d would be great. I have tried using spline spread for this but i cant get it working right when then kerbs have to go around a corner etc.


Any advice would be great.



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Hi Paul


We usually do the same - generate splines from edges of pavements, then sweep a kerb shape along it to generate the kerb itself. This sweep is naturally UV mapped. It's sometimes a fiddly process, but effective non the less. (works good for double yellow lines too)


Here's a quick snippet from one of our own libraries - (sorry, not at liberty to share the mesh/texture files :( )



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