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inteior lighting study


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Nice start.. my comments:


I would try some camara correction

if it is important to show the black chair in first plane, then try a more realistic material, a little glossy could help.

Was hard to guess that there was a white chair... there is something weird with it.

If there is not a better plant just remove this one, looks flat and unreal

Try lighting the tv screen

I like the carpet and the wall texture

women never leave shoes around ;)

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first of all-thanx for the responds. But as I said thats a lighting study, so theres no need to mention about what models Ive used from evermotion..


Id be happier to get some render/lighting tips..some things that you see, and I didnt, so I can improve the quality and sense of realism...

Im really new to 3D but dont worry to be harsh :p


a little update, boosted some settings:

FG-4bounces; 0,4 initia points density, interpolate over 30points, 400 FG points.

GI-1000 photons

..any recommendations for mroe suitable settings..?

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