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Installing Max 9 on Windows 7


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Hey there. I know there are alot of windows 7 threads already, and one on using max 9 in Windows 7 so hopefully this is not redundant. Apologies if it is.


I just installed Win 7 Pro 64-bit and am stoked to finally get to use all of my 8GB of RAM. I went to go install Max 9, popped in the disc.....and am only getting a 32-bit installation option. It's been awhile since I installed but I'm pretty sure I got a 64-bit option even when installing on 32-bit XP. Anyone else running into this issue?



Ok, my bad. I found the specific installer in the dvd directory, but I've hit a new snag. It's saying I don't have priviliges to install the mental ray 3.5 satellite. I'm still green to Windows 7, is this part of that UAC business? I also found some local security policies and rules within. Is it maybe a setting in there?



Thanks in advance.



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Thanks for the reply, guys. I'm writing this from my old XP install on another drive, so I can't test things out at the time of writing. Got some questions for ya though till I get back from school.


3dsmaxed: I haven't installed my 3rd party antivirus/firewall software yet, should I be worried about the integrated OS firewall or is that one not usually a barrier?


bmcgonigle: I haven't checked the user accounts to ensure my login is the administrator account but I have access to all the administrator tools in the control panel and whatnot. Mine is the only user account on the machine, too. If this means my account is administrative, might there be something else blocking the satellite?

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Thats somewhat correct, you as the administrator have highest level rights but this doesnt associate to the programs that are installing by default. You have to tell the OS its ok to do so.


Its actually microsoft ensuring that programs don't have the ability to install with admin privilidges without user intervention thus removing the threat of malicious programs being mistakenly installed etc. and complicating the core OS.


But as mentioned, right click the exe and select Run as Administrator should resolve this.



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