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V-Ray Training?


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I am always looking for V-Ray training (for 3ds max) in my spare time and besides some semi-helpful tutorials here and there I can never find a complete training course. I recently tried VisMaster's V-Ray Training and loved it to death. I have also watched some webinars that were helpful as well. I am looking for anything else though that provides an in-depth training experience for V-Ray.

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Depends on what yo're really looking for. Are you looking to learn the engine from scratch or are you stuck on certain things and want to get better?


Image sampling:

http://gnomonology.com/tutorial/62 (Chris Nichols)

http://www.cgarchitect.com/upclose/VI/default.asp (Brian Smith: Weeks 14 & 17)




(Chris Nichols)


General knowledge and reference:




reverse engineer free scenes :)


In the end the best teacher is working everyday with it in a demanding productive environment. You get to learn the tricks from veterans... can't recommend anything better.

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