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Vray for Rhino Support


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ASGVIS, the makers of the Vray for Rhino plug-in, directed me to this site for support on how to improve my renderings using Vray for Rhino.


They said this is the place to go for visualization support whereas they (ASGVIS) just makes the plug-in.


I guess my concern here is that I see very little activity and am worried this is not the best place to go to for help in regards to my visualization efforts.


Lately, I'm hearing of more and more architectural firms using Rhino. I'm not in that industry so I could be wrong. But if that is the case, I would be curious to know what rendering program they feel is best w/ Rhino. Or if these firms resort to importing their model into 3DS Max to render.


Your response(s) here will help me make some of my own decisions. Or if Vray for Rhino is a stable marriage, why is there not much activity here?




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I use vray for max, rhino, and maya.... if you just apply the things you hear about vray for max here, they are similarly applicable to the rhino version. I personally prefer to model in rhino, but I feel that the render quality for the rhino version of vray is inferior to the max build. Either way, vray is vray... if you learn it in max, you pretty much know it for rhino.

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Thanks for the response guys! I'll keep a closer eye on the Chaos forum as well as here to see if I can improve my efforts.


@easy3Dsource - I too prefer modeling in Rhino but agree, the Vray results are not as good in Rhino as they are in Max.


As a pair, Rhino and Vray seems to be pretty powerful and a lot less expensive of an investment. For small firms like mine, that is critical when it comes to keeping updated on everything.


Thanks again!

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v ray for rhino is similar to max but not as powerful, looks to me that some tools are missing ( v ray obect properties, physical cameras and lights not as handy to use, no v ray proxy objects,...) but if you model in rhino, as i do, the fact you don`t need to export can make you save a lot of time and avoid problems of mesh or normals messing up. I would say rhino and v ray are a very powerful and complete combo.

there`s an italian site about vray for rhino, i can`t post the link, but if you search vraywiki, you`ll find it, there are also some material or scene taht can be downloaded i don`t know if it can help..

un saluto!

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