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lobby of clubhouse

chow choppe

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please crit the following render

still working on the staircase detail

and why is my glass on g floor so shiny. looks like metal. how to make that glass material?



Also can u give me ideas regarding the central raised floor where i have all the furniture. my brain got freezed after trying various options so i put the same material as lowermost flooring.


please help me improve this



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i like this kind of lighting but dont u think its too much hard?


also the stairs really scary to claim :D littile children or ppls like me can fall :(



do u work with Cad files from Architect?


Yeah i think its too hard and yellowish right now. but i ahev changed it now

Stairs are architects design:-(

yes all the drawings are provided by the architect


hers an update. Almost final




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i agree


i also like the yellow lighting of the first image

but the client felt as if its giving too luxurious look to the space and making it look like a hotel lobby which is not the case as it will be used by general public .

So i toned down the yello from the image. The contrast was achieved by photoshop. That i can still get if i rework in photoshop on the new image.


Thanks guys for the comments.


Good to see that there are not too major changes required into he image and i am improving :-)

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I like where this image is going. I think the reason your glass is so reflective is due to the viewing angle between your camera and the glass surface; I believe this is an effect of using fresnel reflections; if you stand perpendicular to a glass surface, you can see straight through it... the more parallel your viewing angle is to the surface, the more strongly you see reflections. I would adjust the fresnel reflections setting to change this. I may be wrong; but i remember in a previous project I set the fresnel reflection setting in the material to 1, and it made it act completely transparent from all angles. This may or may not give you the look you wanted, as it may appear that there is no glass there at all.

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