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32 bit scene to 64 bit


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I need a help from you guys. I have been using 32 bit computer for long. I want to buy a 64 bit pc. Question is-


1. will I be able to run my 32 bit files in 64 bit computer?

2. 64 bit files can be opened in 32 bit computer?

3. And will I be able to use DR?

4. Actually whats the difference between a 64 bit and 32 bit PC when I render a scene or use 3Ds Max vray.


10000 Thanks in advance for your answer. One million more thanks will be given after I have got the help and always ten million thanks to CGA forum.



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1. This question is a little bit confusing. I assume you mean 32-bit software. Yes you will be able to run it, but it will not take advantages of the 64 bit archiotecture. Also you will not be able to use 32-bit plugins with 64-bit software (Quicktime is the main one I have in mind).


2. Yes, the processor architecture doesn't have any influence on the data files


3. Yes.


4. 64-bit systems can handle more memory (up to 128 GB on board AFAIR) and handle it more efficiently. 32-bit systems cannot use really more then 4GB (in case of windows really about 3GB) efficiently*


Even with 4GB on board the memory managment is apparently much better on 64 bit.


In terms of 3d Max this means it should run quicker and more stable in 64bit mode. You will also be able to render larger/more complex scenes in shorter time. (I do not have any benchmarks though, maybe someone could back this up?)




*This is an oversimpification but I don't want to bore you with memory managment details.

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What have you guys seen as far as more speed when upgrading to 64-bit?


I went from Max 2009 + Vray 1.5sp2 in XP to Max 2010 + Vray 1.5sp4 in Win7. It seems that calculating phases are faster, but the actual render times of my scenes don't seem to have changed in any noticeable way.

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