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Lighting Test..


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This is my first attempt at this Arch Viz scene...this is just a WIP and i am only testing out the lighting and seeing how the props react with light.. I take no credit for the props i got it from a tutorial video and chucked it in to just make sure everything looks good..


The Focul length on the second render test was changed coz i made a mistake not changing it back.


C&C is always welcome...

Would be greatly appreciated

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to redheadx..Yes you right, the furniture does look scaled negatively for the scene, as i went back to check it out the window was way too big for the furniture, i was like LOL. I am not using Vray, i am using Mental ray for the lighting including Global Illumination and Final Gather for getting rid of the splotchiness.



To Sanchez, You are quite right that light does not come from one window but another window from behind of the camera, i should have put that into consideration when i tried to light the room but i neglected it, and no Sanchez i am not using Vray..


BTW can someone tell me what is the difference between Mental Ray and Vray, i have used Vray only once but not to the extent i have used mental ray, so if someone could explain i might give it a try.. :)


Thank you all for feedbacks...i really really appreciate it :).

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