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pdf with layers


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Does anyone use the dwg to pdf option to retain layers with the pdf file?


I am currently creating a binder of fire evac manuals with layers so that techs and building officials can toggle layers for fire walls/smoke barriers etc... Question I have - everything is working perfectly except the layers translate in random orders - not alphabatized and in no relation to one another as far as the order in which they are translated. Acrobat cannot move layers and its obnoxious as there are 100 pages all with layers in different orders. Has anyone had experience with this? Does anyone know how to fix this?


I've been struggling with this for a couple days and can't waste anymore time. I figure there has to be some type of script in AutoCAD that dictates the layers order but have come up with no options...


The closest I have come is using architecture 09 (im on 10) and using the adobe .pdf convert button (for some reason I can't get it to show up in 10 appload comes up with an error in loading the pdfmaker function) however, this ignores the plot settings and prints all defpoints layers and all my solid hatches are just outlines (this poses a BIG problem for the nature of my drawings).


Any advice!?!?!

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Just trying to follow along here, bear with me...


OK, found the DWG to PDF. Never knew it existed.

And yup, it has layers and the Adobe driver doesn't.

And they turn on and off real nice.

And they appear to be in no order and I can't fix that.


OK, I understand where you're at.


A solution that I don't think you'll like.


Open the DWG in Illustrator. Reorder layers in Illustrator. Save to PDF.


Not only is this tedious, but you lose all your plot information.


WAIT!!! I think we have WIN!!!!


Plot (and you may have to plot from paperspace to get the line weights right, not sure just what the problem/fix is) to DWF. Include layer information.


Drop the DWF into Acrobat. Selected Layers. [Choose Layers]. THIS dialog sorts them alpha. Select all layers. Convert. It's done.

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