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First v-ray render


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Hi guys,


Was wondering if I could get your opinions on how I could improve this render and make it look more realistic? It’s my first real attempt at an exterior render using v-ray for 3ds max, so I’m still learning a fare bit.


The model was built in Archicad and exported in as a 3ds into max. I’ve used v-ray HDRI and a target direct light for the lighting, using v-ray shadows, and used v-ray materials.


When experimenting I found that adding displacement to the materials started to give the model a more realistic appearance but this also started to lift the material away from the model, making the edges dark. Does anyone know how to overcome this?


Also the glass needs a lot of work, which I haven’t looked into yet. Is it just a case of dropping a v-ray glass material in and mapping it?


I’ve attached some of my render settings.


Thanks for any help

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Hi Chris


Nice to see another ArchiCAD user !


Good first try.....I would keep things simple & ditch the displacement & HDRI for now & concentrate on your camera position & lighting.


There's plenty of good tutorials on the web.


With the materials / textures, try & get some good quality maps (CG textures.com) + vray materials.de.......again keep things simple & don't use displacement.


If you want to go a step further, try the VRay sun/sky/camera setup - again plenty of tutorials available.


Good Luck !

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Hi Chris


You should not loose anything when exporting from ArchiCAD to 3DS.


In ArchiCAD I always use the 'Construct 3DS objects according to : Materials' setting when exporting.


If you are still having problems, change the window/door frame material in ArchiCAD to something else & try again.


Also make sure you are up to date with the latest build(version) of ArchiCAD.

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Hi Chris


I think the lighting is looking better.....but still not as crisp as it should be.


Keep on experimenting with the Vray Cam/Sun/Sky & you get there


You need to resolve the issue of the missing window/door frames


Not sure about the textures - looks very dirty & low quality.

Is it supposed to be metal cladding panels - if so, model these in 3d so they line in with the openings...see attached image


I think you also need to pull the camera back to see more of the building + add some finishing touches like trees/planting/people (although leave this until your happy with the basic building & textures)

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