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lights going through walls?


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So I almost never do any interior rendering but we're moving our office and I'm doing an animation of the new space so I'm learning. I'm using Max Design 2009 with vray and a vray sun/sky, fill lights etc. My problem is that there are several places that have track lighting and so I put in standard max spot lights pointing at the wall They look great on the front of the wall but for some reason they're bleeding through the wall and illuminating stuff in the next room behind the wall also. It's only doing this with the standard max lights. I've used them with vray before without problems...?


I worked around this by excluding that stuff in the next room from the lights but that's a pain. Am I missing a check box or something?

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With Vray, there is usually no need to put a light pointing at a wall to get it brighter. Just with the windows, the ceiling lights and mabee a couple photographer's spots, you should be able to render.


But, in your case, your regular lights, pointing at the wall;

- Do they have cast shadows checked, if not, it is normal that they get in the other room, as the wall cast no shadows.

- What type of shadows you have in there. You should use Vray shadows, even with regular lights. If You really need a shadow map, you should use VrayShadowMap.

- If the previous steps are done, you could check "check sample visibility" in the Vray indirect illumination Irradiance map rollout.


Hope it helps

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