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Matte creation

Dave Buckley

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I am looking to incorporate the usage of mattes into my worklow to allow me to do selective adjustments in Photoshop.


Essentially every time i render i also want a matte for each object, or at least a render that splits objects by solid blocks of colour.


i have been reading about this and there seems to be a lot of methods avaialble, some ok, some not so great.


Does anyone have a tried and tested method that actually works like it should? i.e. perfect edges, no pixelation/halo's left behind etc


Or at least the best technique currently



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i use the rendermask plugin on scriptspot.


blocks of colour should just be RGB as nic mentioned, otherwise you run into aliasing issues in post when trying to select other colours. though saying that i prefer to simply use black/white masks and paste them straight into the channels. i have a PS script that will bring all masks into the PS document and save as channels.

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