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Mental Ray A&D Glass material very dark & Flat!


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Hello All,

Please see attached image-Any ideas on how to improve the appearance of the super BLACK windows---I am using A&D material on the windows-FG for indirect illumination-FG bounces to 4, Day light system, & Photographic Exposure Control EV=14.


I greatly appreciate your help!


Many Thanks!

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Hi Camby,


Thanks for looking--Attached is the screenshot for the glass material-It is a regular A&D-Glass geometry material.


Searching through the forums, I found a solution/idea..that I think will work-PS attached render.


The idea is to place a Plane in front of the glass window with a picture of the reflection-then in the object properties of the plane-turn off everything except-visible to reflection/refraction.


Thanks much for your help!

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